Art at Atrium Gallery

Following his studies in Art and Design at Epsom School of Art, Joe Armstrong worked in advertising for several years, before moving to Cornwall and commencing a successful career as a Graphic Designer.

Joe had a long held ambition to paint, and started to develop his own individual style, initially offering his Original Art for sale alongside his graphic design business. As time Joe developed a following for his work ,Art became his full time  professional occupation. Joe’s distinctive work is now showing and selling in galleries throughout Cornwall, with collectors and followers of his work worldwide.

‘I get so excited most days when confronted with a blank Canvas on my easel, I love colour, I look at a tree with the sun shining on it and see burgundy, orange, turquoise, green and yellow. I love the texture of the oil paint on canvas, so I use a palette knife and my fingers to create it, this gives my work a more abstract or less precise finish. I love that my paintings have a vibrant and spontaneous look and feel.’

 ‘Painting is my passion, I’m on a mission to develop my style, to keep my work looking fresh and contemporary and I’m loving the journey".

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